Dungeon Chess

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Dungeon Chess is a strategic puzzle game with roguelike elements, offering compact yet complex gameplay sessions. Manipulate cards to command your hero, resembling a chess piece on a miniature dungeon board. Outsmart adversaries utilizing their array of cunning abilities and ascend as the most formidable warrior of the Chess Lands!

-Use a deck of chess pieces to battle hordes of monsters that have taken over the dungeons.
-Even if you're unfamiliar with chess, you can quickly grasp the basics in just a few minutes.
-Carefully plan your actions to navigate through challenging and unexpected tactical situations.
-Utilize your treasures to upgrade your cards and gain additional abilities to aid you in battles.
-Complete quick 10-20 minute runs or risk death trying.
-Explore the endless dungeon after completing the main quests to see how long you can survive.
-Choose one of the six available characters and conquer three distinct dungeons, each requiring a unique approach.
-Embark on chains of challenges with added difficulty modifiers to test your skills and strategic thinking.